119270442907c9f5b0lAsif Shi (Ashish) was founded by Indian designer Ashish Guptade clothing brand in 1992. Asif Shi (Ashish) on a clothing line all the sequins are manufactured in India, after careful handicraft masters go-between, every piece of clothing is beautifully produced, superb quality.

In addition, Asif Shi (Ashish) not only with sequins to decorate clothing, also those sequins and sports-style clothing made ​​an organic combination. In Asif Shi (Ashish) clothing line, it is difficult to find a gorgeous but uncomfortable to wear women’s clothing, even loose, casual, and it’s still full of elegant women also feel, with each season designers always like to use each various kinds of beautiful colors, so Asif Shi (Ashish) clothing line seem weird but unique. Because of its special brand sequined material, Asif Shi (Ashish) is the main consumer groups most actors, businessmen and people who work in the media, including the well-known Jerry Hall, Victoria Beckham and Madonna and other stars.