Mundi or Guðmundur Hallgrímsson, was born in Reykjavík on the 6th of January 1987. At the age of 16 Mundi went to the Hamrahlíð College and then at age 17 to Reykjavík Technical College were he mainly studied Ceramics with 4 older women. At age 18 he applied for the Icelandic Academy of The Arts and was accepted although he had not the acquired age or school background that students are required to have to get in. At the same time he was accepted in to the commercial agency “Argus” and started working there as a graphic designer. At the Art Academy Mundi started to work closely with another student called Morri. They later formed the group MoM (Mundi.Og.Morri) and did they’re first show at gallery Gillinhæð, which at that time was the upper floor of gallery Kling and Bang. After studying in the Art Academy for one year Mundi did a project for the cover of the Icelandic phonebook. His Idea was to knit a pattern out of Icelandic wool, which would then be scanned in and used as cover. In the process of having fabric knitted he also designed two other patterns made just for fun. When Mundi came back to the factory and saw the fabrics he was so amazed of one of the patterns he had made of spacemen holding hands in zero gravity, that he drew a sweater at the factory and asked them to make it. Later that day he came to pick up sweater and was trilled! Mundi put it straight on and starts walking around in it. The sweater got allot of attention so he goes down to a well known concept store Kronkron and asked them if they wanted to sell these kind of sweaters. They were wery pleased with the sweater so Mundi made a few more in different colors and started selling them there. He became the first Icelandic designer to ever sell in Kronkron. The “MUNDI sweaters” were very popular and got allot of attention all around Iceland, giving Mundi the Idea of starting his own label and so he did. Later that year MoM became MoMS when the third member joined in, called Schuyler, an American artist living in Iceland at that time and a student of the Norwegian painter Odd Nerdrum. They’re first project was to design identity for a new theater festival called Artfart. That project was a great success, especially because they hanged a bike with balloons in it over the main shopping street in Iceland (Laugarvegur) in the middle of the night. This bike was just recently taken down, but by that time it had become a symbol in downtown Reykjavik. After this they were asked to perform with the Austrian artist Gelitin who were doing a show at Kling & Bang. Mundi and Morris job was to draw the inter performance “Hugris” and so they did. Gelitin were so pleased with the drawing they wanted do collaborate on doing a book witch is still in the making. Gelitin’s invited moms to come New York to perform with them at Deitch Projects celebrating Jason Schmidt’s photography book “Artists”. Mundi bring his first collection “To Cool for gravity” to Rendez-Vous (Paris showrom) and got into 10 stores around the world. Amongst them “KTZ” Paris and “Concrete” London. For that collection he also did a show in Iceland where the models walk the catwalk and then falling on top of each other forming a 23 person pile at the end of it. Over 500 people came to the show and were amazed by the performance. In June 2007 MOMS travelled with Gelitin and friends to Venice, Italy to participate in the “Hamster wheel” at the Arsenale. MOMS tried to help Gelitin build a gigantic tree sculpture. However, they soon started to think only of themselves and built a MOMS boat. This is how the performance “Hvar er skipperinn” came to be. In the Summer of 2007 Schuyler returned to America but Mundi and Morri have continued to do some arty stuff in Iceland. Mundi and Morri took part in the preparation and organization of an art event called DÍÓNÝSÍA in winter 2006-2007 with only a few other artists. The plan was to send young Reykjavík based artist to the countryside, for ten days in July, to work with inhabitants of Iceland’s least populated towns. The intention was to break down boundaries between two very different groups of people, young arty kids and country folks. Mundi and Morri also participated in DÍÓNÝSÍA and travelled to Grundarfjörður with three of their friends to begin building a Pizza Place. Vina-Pizza opened two days later and curious pizza hungry locals came out to visit. Mundi and Morri were responsible for most of the graphic design of DÍÓNÝSÍA. MoMs got invited to Ireland to take part in the art festival Artisit? MoMs asked Geltin if they are willing to come and take part and so they did. MoMs and Gelitin build a giant coliseum out of scaffolding with a big pit in the middle were the MoMs and the Gelitins were having the times of there lives. The audiences were then led into the “coloseum” armed with ketchup, brown-souse, dog food, flour, rice, toilet paper and more allowed to throw and squirt at them as they liked. The performance was called “cum and piss”. Some members of the audience even pissed at them. Mundi and Morri organized the “Brakarí” exhibition with four other artists during the L.U.N.G.A young arts festival at art town, Seyðisfjörður. There Mundi and Morri exhibited MOMS – Overkill drawings. MoMs Showed there overkill drawings at Gallery Lost Horse. The exhibition was called “Tilþrif”. They sell up the entire show. 2008 Mundi was picked out to be one of tree Icelandic fashion designers supported by the Icelandic government to show up at Copenhagen Fashion Week in Feb 2008, with a Cat Walk, for Mundi’s second collection “The Fisherman’s Invasion”. Mundi did a Catwalk at “Rådhuspladsen” (City Hall Square) in central Copenhagen involving raw fish. By that time art and fashion were taking up most of his time resulting in his decision to take a pause from Icelandic Academy of The Arts in the fall of 2008. Summer 2008 MoMs went to L.U.N.G.A doing another exhibition, called “Allt í drasli” or “All trashy”. The knight before the opening Mundi gets beaten up and his jaw was broken. This gave him the Idea of the performance “The Versus Chamber”. In this performance Mundi fought with ten people from the audience that signed their name on the door and fair to say he got beaten up again. He did not find out about his jaw being broken until he returned to Reykjavik. MOMS also made an orange tree, 3d paintings and crazy party’s. Recently Mundi did a show at Nasa in Reykjavik for his latest and third collection “Fish and the Lionman”. For the show he build a 6000 liter fish tank. The plan was to drop the models into the tank giving the audience the an underwater experience hoping that the collection might look a bit more like in zero gravity and pulling them out again. But as the tank was being filled up with water on the opening night it cracked resulting hundreds of liters folding the club. With the help of every person involved in the show and the fire department they managed to dry up the water and the show started with a minor delay, but of course with out the use of the fishtank. Oct 2008 Mundi got invited to London with the Icelandic art group Kink & Bank to perform at Sirkus a well known club from Iceland that was closed down 2008. It was rebuilt at the British art fair Frieze. The project was a total success, rated to be the highlight of freeze by artforum any many others. March 2009 Mundi Launches his 4th collection “AW09 The guts of our forefathers” showing it in a new showroom “studio charlot”. He makes a instillation in the space with the collection, and gets good feedback. Then the collection was Presented with a show in the Reykjavik art Museum shortly there after. In the show Mundi only used handicapped models which walked the catwalk all in there unique way, warming the harts of the audience often with a big smile ore an amazing pose in between the installation covering the catwalk with around fifty random looking lamps. Over 500 people came to the show. The families of the models were happy to let theme take part and so where the models them selves. Mundi Is currently designing the artwork for the “Icelandic Airwaves” which is the biggest music festival in Iceland held annually. Mundi is planning to open a gallery/shop in reykjavik town center this coming september.