Water Stone (Beijing) Culture Media Co., Ltd start at year 2004. It is a special fashion retail sector and that is dedicated to the Chinese mainland consumers with outstanding foreign fashion designers’ products.

The company is headquartered in Beijing, the key business area of China mainland market. Currently, the company has 65 brands. It distributed in Europe, America and Asia.

We have the select brands fashion store in Beijing 798 Art Zone (The area occupied by Beijing 798 Art Zone was once the place for Beijing North China wireless joint equipment factory. Thedesigning task of the 718 Joint Factory was in the charge of a German architectural institution in Dessau whose main characteristics are meeting the practical demands; bringing the technical and aesthetic property of new materials and new structure into effect; designing simply and composing pictures vividly with flexibility. That is the genre what later called Bauhaus. Attracted by ordered designing, convenient traffic, unique style of Bauhaus rchitecture, many art organizations and artists came to rent the vacant plants and transformed them, gradually formed a district gathered galleries, art studios, cultural companies, fashion shops etc. ).